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Thousands came to Halloween Town, from all across the globe But now, the pumpkin will remain unlighted because Idiots on the City Council have now killed this event

City Kills Halloween Town Event

The City of St Helens has deliberately killed the tourism program. After putting out a RFP that was inaccurate in costs, failed to revel that whoever gets the contract has to up front the funds to pay event entertainment, along with other missing information. Their dream has come true for some of the city council people. The money from the cityís tourism /hotel tax is about $160,000 to help offset some costs but, E2C gives this money back plus more every year. Halloween Town has generated millions for our community.

The rest comes from E2C who pays for the costs then recoups the costs from ticket sales, E2C pays for the actors, paid for the boat pays for everything, E2C hires local people to help set up, tear down and help at the event. E2C also lets nonprofits work at the event for their groups funding.

They then in their quest to kill Halloween Town and the 4th of July, Sand Castles, Christmas Tree Lighting, 13 Nights etc. They made a tourism committee made up of local people. While there was a couple in the group who made fair assessments of the applicants, the majority were people who hated E2C the current tourism company and bated Tina the tourism director and wanted the program gone.

You ask why would anyone want  successful programís gone? These people want the money generated from Halloween town to fund other city departments and they want to run the program with volunteers. What a joke. These people have ZERO idea how to run events. They have zero funds to run the events. These people are simply E2C haters.

Then you have an individual on the committee who actually followed E2C to a neighboring city, some folks would consider it as being a stalker Jeni Gilbert, you may remember her name , she was involved in the extra martial affair with State representative Brian Stout , then accused him of sexual assault. Moving on she contacted the city of Rainier and told them how to run their business in doing anything with E2C, she made inaccurate statements which was so bad  the mayor had to respond publicity to correct her statements.

Gilbert was doing a smear campaign against E2C, and it didnít work with Rainiers mayor after his response the heat got too much for Gilbert and she asked the Mayor to remove the correspondence from the Mayors web page, so in a generous move the mayor removed all the correspondence.

Yet Gilbert was on the committee to judge the applicants for tourism in St Helens, she gave E2C very low and poor scores, as did the other haters, they gave a 45 year event planner and successful one to boot, lower scores than an applicant who has been trying to book camping trips in the woods for 2 years, and one of the other committee judges actually works for the camping lady who also gave E2C the lowest scores.

I could go on and on with the scoring letís say it was certainly a bias and predetermined plan to get rid of E2C. Then they actually gave the contract to another event planner that had not been signed on again  by the City of Scappoose.

But what happened after that was  not a surprise to us who knows how the system worked, as these applicants had no idea and the RFP didnít mention this, that the event planner had to up front the money to pay for the events, about $300,000-$400,000 and hopefully re-coup from the ticket sales .

The winner of the sham process had a week to sign the contract, after being told by some of the public the money aspect after the council meeting they failed to sign the contract. Thus no tourism program.

The city of St Helens has failed once again in their ability to perform simple acts. If you liked all the events that went on in St Helens, you might want to go to the city of St Helens council meetings and express your opinions. Let them know how they failed the people once again.

If you enjoyed the 13 Nights on the River you can go to Rainier on Wed. nights starting at 6 P.M. and listen to top notch bands etc. just like 13 Night use to be in St Helens.  E2C is running this river front program all summer.

What will the city do now? What will the nonprofits do? What will the people do who worked at these events? What will the business do who made 40% more because of HT? No Halloween Town no nothing. Itís a sad day in River City.



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