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St. Helens Update

Updated 8/18/22 —  Next Update 8/25/22

News  Oregon Health Authority Update (daily)   News   St. Helens School District is Hiring - Check These Jobs Out

News  City of SH Public Meetings                        News   Betsy Johnson to Present Needed Gubernatorial Signatures

News  City of St. Helens Job Openings               News   Fairgrounds to receive $277,777 for Building Renovations

News  Columbia County Calendar                        News   CRPUD Economic Dev. Grants, Aug 31st Deadline

News  View SH Library Calendar                          News   CRPUD Calendar Photo Contest - Sep 8 Deadline

News  Watch St. Helens Government Live          News   Chamber Calendar of Events.

News  City Commission Mtgs. & Vacancies        News   Volunteers Needed. City Seeks Library Bd. Members

News  Columbia County Job Openings               News   Artists Paint New Mural for New Foodbank Building

News  Discover Columbia County– Events         News   August 19th, Grand Opening for Columbia Pacific Food Bank

News  Columbia 9-1-1 Minutes & Agenda            News   Mike Sykes: “Why We Should Give A Darn About Our Dams.”

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Video: Christian Nationalism for Dummies          Video: Mary Maxwell’s Hilarious Prayer About Getting Old

Video: A Honest Republican Song                        New:   This Week In The Onion News

Video: Parody Project: “Rubio”                             Video: South Park Live 25th Anniversary Concert

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Updated Daily  Jail Inmate Census                       Video:  Karolina Protsenko: “Angelic Girl with Violin”

VideoSongbird Parody: “The Ballad of 45”       VideoMary Trump After Mar-A-Lago Search


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