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St. Helens Update

Updated 10/21/20 —  Next Update 10/28/20

News  Oregon Health Authority Update (daily)   News Work Party, Knob Hill Nature Park Nov 7th

News  City of SH Public Meetings                        News City Burn Period Set From Oct 17 to Nov 1st.

News  City of St. Helens Job Openings               News City Needs Volunteers For Planning Commission Vacancy

News  Columbia County Calendar                        News The Chronicle’s Corona Virus Coverage (Updated)

News  Community  Calendar                                 News New Proposed Scappoose Peace Candle Development

News  View SH Library Calendar                          News Bravo Co. Demobilized after 9 Months in UAE

News  St. Helens City Council Agendas              News  Science News Daily (updated daily)

News  Watch St. Helens Government Live          News  Oregon State Parks To Install Hiker/Biker Pods

News  City Commission Mtgs. & Vacancies        News Oregon Expands Mask Mandate

News  New OHA Face Covering Guidelines.        News  Former Gov. Kitzhaber Opposes Measure 110

News  Discover Columbia County– Events          News  Oregon Awarded 22 Medals at Beer Festival

News  Columbia 9-1-1 Minutes & Agenda            News US Bank Closing 26 Portland Area Branches

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Video Betty Bowers “Q” Nonsense Junkies        Video Roy Zimmerman “Feed The Birds Covid and Lies”

Video Holderness Family “Book Trailer”             Video The Uncancelled, Cancelled Debate

Updated More People of Wal*Mart Photos            New   This Week In The Onion News  

Video Founders Sing “Row Row Row vs Wade”  Video Spooky Men’s Coral “Vote The Bastards Out”

New    Barbs                   New Letters                         Songs of the Mugwump   

New  Tammy’s Take New Top 10               Old  Top 10 

Science  Astronomy Picture of the Day               Oregon Workforce Employment Info                  

Updated Daily  Jail Inmate Census                       Video  Songbird “Pursuing A Vaccination.”

Video  My Prayer For Horsefly Jesus                    Video Founders Sing “Karma Goes Round In Circles”


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