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St. Helens Update

Updated 9/16/20 —  Next Update 9/23/20

News  Oregon Health Authority Update (daily)   News   Cornelius Pass Project Details.

News  City of SH Public Meetings                        News Scappoose Bay WC Native Plant Sale Oct 10th

News  City of St. Helens Job Openings               News Need Community Support For Wildfire Evacuees

News  Columbia County Calendar                        News The Chronicle’s Corona Virus Coverage (Updated)

News  Community  Calendar                                 News Are you Eligible for Oregon’s $300 Unemployment Bonus

News  View SH Library Calendar                          News Coronavirus Trial at Oxford To Resume

News  St. Helens City Council Agendas              News  Science News Daily (updated daily)

News  Watch St. Helens Government Live          News  Oregon Wildfires—State Opens First Mobil Morgue

News  City Riverfront Progress Report               News  Spreading Unfounded ANTIFA Wildfire Rumors

News  How To Improve Indoor Air Quality          News  Long-term Health Problems from Wildfire Smoke

News  Discover Columbia County– Events          News Senator Says: Bad Air, the Result of Bad Forest Mgmt. 

News  Columbia 9-1-1 Minutes & Agenda            News City to Review Tina Curry’s (Event Coordinator’s) Contract

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Video Don Caron song “Battle of Lake Travis”   Video Holderness Family 2020 Tribute To Dolly Parton

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