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                Updated 1/10/2019 —  Next Update 1/17/19

News St. Helens Schools “Good News”             News SHEDCO Offers Grand Opportunities for Local Businesses

News  Emergency Services Contact Info            News   Photo’s New Owners Re-Work “Twilight ‘Bella’ House”

News Butts Trial Postponed Again                     News   Clatskanie Arts Commission Presents “Eleanor Roosevelt...”

News  County and City Public Meetings             News   Habitat for Humanity offers New Home Ownership Opportunities

News  Columbia County Buzz Examiner             News  New St. Helens Construction Projects

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News CCEC Ribbon Cutting                                 News CC Rider Looking For New Driver Staffing Agency

News Police & Fire Report                                     News Cheryl Young Honored with Plaza dedication

News Saint Helens City News Letters                  News 1st Thursday Presentation on Opioids Feb 7th

News  Watch St. Helens Government Live           News Chamber “Coffee & Commerce” 2nd & 4th Fridays

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