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        St. Helens Update

                Updated 11/16/2018 —  Next Update 11/22/18

News St. Helens Schools “Good News”             News Teen Support Program “Fab Packs”

News  Emergency Services Contact Info            News   Courthouse Dog brings about calm and comfort.

News Holiday Hope and Toy & Joy                      News  CCCOM needs input on proposed upgrade

News  County and City Public Meetings              News  November 15th, Great America Smokeout

News  Columbia County Buzz Examiner             News  SH School District Bond Oversight Committee

News  View SH Library Calendar                          News St. Helens Lights Up Waterfront Dec 8

News  St. Helens City Council Agendas              News Science News Daily (updated daily)

News  Scappoose Care and Share                       News St. Helens Unveils Community Art Project 

News Police & Fire Report                                    News Be A Santa To A Senior This Holiday Season

News Saint Helens City News Letters                  News St. Helens Asking For Volunteers To Serve On Budget Committee

News  Watch St. Helens Government Live           News Chamber “Coffee & Commerce” 2nd & 4th Fridays

News  Turkey Donations Needed for Xmas          News Calendar of County Events

Video  Song: Doubling Down In Georgia             Video Adam Ruins Everything “Adam Ruins Promo’s” 

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