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Updated 2/24/21 —  Next Update 3/3/21

News  Oregon Health Authority Update (daily)   News St. Helens Names Employee of The Year

News  City of SH Public Meetings                        News Students asked  “What They Would Do As Mayor”

News  City of St. Helens Job Openings               News St. Helens Celebrating Public Schools Week

News  Columbia County Calendar                        News The Chronicle’s Corona Virus Coverage (Updated)

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News  St. Helens City Council Agendas              News SH Planning Commission Changes To Housing Codes?

News  Watch St. Helens Government Live          News Board of Commissioners Annual Meeting Schedule

News  City Commission Mtgs. & Vacancies        News Weekly Covid -  19 Testing sites

News  City of St. Helens Job Openings                News Columbia County Oregon, Home Page News

News  Discover Columbia County– Events          News City Public Works Responds To Hazardous Weather

News  Columbia 9-1-1 Minutes & Agenda            News Columbia County Hazardous Waste Event Feb 27

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