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Updated 3/15/18 —  Next Update 3/22/18

News SH School District News For The Week   News City Contest—Students “If You Were Mayor” Due Apr 24

News  Emergency Services Contact Info           News CCMH Executive Director Retires

News  Comcast Ch 29 Program Guide                News Chamber Coffee & Commerce Columbia City 3-23

News  Columbia County Buzz Examiner            News  Town Hall Meeting 3-26 with Rep Susan Bonamici

News  County and City Public Meetings             News  Chamber Accepting Applications For Exec. Director

News  View SH Library Calendar                         News  St. Helens Asks Bids For Persecutor & Judge

News  St. Helens City Council Agendas             News  Science News Daily (updated daily)

News  Columbia County Job Openings              News  St. Helens HS to Compete in Robotics Competition

News  The Crazy Promethean Times                 New4 Candidates vie For County Commissioner

News Saint Helens City News Letters                News   Animal Neglect;  17 Animals Seized

News  Watch St. Helens Government Live         News  Columbia City Library After School Programs

News Port Hires New PR Person                        News Calendar of County Events

News Police-Fire Report                                     Video  Hallelujah Parody. Letter To The NRA       

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New    David Appell’s Blog; Quark Soup           Nice   Follow Bill Eagle on Twitter

Updated More People of Wal*Mart Photos       New    This Week In The Onion News               

Video Our Cartoon President Just Facts           Video  Melania Explains Einstein Visa

New    Barbs                     New Letters                       Songs of the Mugwump   

New   Tammy’s Take   New Top 10          Old   Top 10 

Science        Astronomy Picture of the Day                   Oregon Employment Blog Spot                  

                     Jail Inmate Census                                     

Video  College Humor “One Year of Trump.”     Video  Randy Rainbow Interviews Ivanka Trump

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